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Want to increase your sales by filling your webinars, challenges, and virtual events with ideal clients?

Do it with our comprehensive Webinar Marketing Kit.

Webinar Marketing Kit

Create your webinar promotional and conversion email sequences and social media posts in only 30 minutes using ChatGPT, even if you are not great at writing copy or techie.

I want the Webinar Marketing Kit!

Webinar Marketing Kit 

+ Chat GPT Prompts

Join over 1000+ experts and coaches from all over the world using the Webinar Marketing Kit.

Regular Price: $200

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Here is what you will get for $200 FREE

  • Promotional Emails & Social Media Posts Templates - $200

  • Engagement Emails & Social Media Posts Templates - $200

  • Sales Emails & Social Media Posts Templates - $200

  • BONUS #1: Short Video Tutorials - $100

    • BONUS #2: Chat GPT Prompt Sequences - $500

    • BONUS #3: Live High-Converting Webinar Implementation Masterclass - $500

    Webinar Marketing Kit

    To monetise webinars, challenges and online events you need 3 types of content:

  • Promotional content: To get people to register

  • Engagement content: To get people who registered to show up

  • Sales content: To get people who registered to buy or take the next step

  • The truth is that if only one of these campaigns is not set up properly, your webinar or virtual event is very likely to flop.

    Either because you won't have enough people or because you won't make enough sales.

    In the past, to create these campaigns, you needed to hire a copywriter or be a great one and spend days in the process.

    But things are changing from today.

    I have just designed a unique flow of prompts that will get ChatGPT to create these 3 content sequences in minutes.

    It's called, the Webinar Marketing Kit.

    I want the Webinar Marketing Kit!

    Here Is What You Get In The Webinar Marketing Kit!

    Promotional Emails & Social Media Posts Templates

    Promotional templates designed to help you fill with ideal clients your webinar or virtual event.

    ($200 Value)

    Engagement Emails & Social Media Posts Templates

    Engagement templates designed to make sure the people who register, will show up during the webinar or virtual event.

    ($200 Value)

    Sales Emails & Social Media Posts Templates

    The sale happens in the follow up... and you know it. This is why we have included our highest converting follow up templates to generate interest, conversations and conversion from your webinar and maximise your revenues.

    ($200 Value)

    BONUS #1: Short Video Tutorials

    I have created step-by-step short video tutorials to help you make the most of the templates. 

    ($100 Value)

    BONUS #2: Chat GPT Prompt Sequences

    Editing templates and creating emails and social media posts used to take ages. However Chat GPT, with the right prompts, can create all the promotional sequences you need in minutes.

    ($500 Value)


    I will also run a private live High-Converting Webinar Implementation Masterclass ($500) where I will help you create your High-Converting Webinar and answer all your questions.

    The Total Value Of The Bonuses Amounts To More Than $1,800 In Absolute Value!

    And you will get the Webinar Marketing Kit for...


    Get The Webinar Marketing Kit today!

    Yes! I Want The Webinar Marketing Kit

    I want the Webinar Marketing Kit!

    Who is Simone Vincenzi?

    Simone Vincenzi is a multi-award winning serial entrepreneur and author who has helped people to launch more than 500 profitable businesses before he reached the age of 30 with his company GTeX. 


    Simone is passionate about building thriving community-led businesses where the members are the core and essence of the decisions and development of ideas.


    Nominated as one of the most influential migrant entrepreneurs in the House of Parliament, he writes for Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine and regularly features on tv and radio talking about how experts can become authorities in their field.


    He works with startup entrepreneurs and experts who want to grow their existing business as well as multi-millionaires who want to launch new ventures, bringing ideas to fruition at lightning speed. 


    He speaks at more than 200 events every year, impacting thousands of entrepreneurs, startups, small businesses as well as large corporations.


    He spoke at conferences featuring Les Brown, Tony Robbins, Gary Vee, Simone Sinek, John. C. Maxwell, Dr John Demartini and many more brilliant minds in the entrepreneurial field.

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